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The Perfect White T-shirt

Posted on 07 December 2015

It may be the simplest item in your wardrobe, but not all white T-shirts are created equal…

perfect white tshirt - made in britain


The classic plain white T-shirt is a wardrobe essential for every woman. But only if the sleeves, fabric, neckline, durability and the t-shirt's ability to hold its shape lasts.

T-shirts have come a long way from the undergarments they once were. First worn by Navy men a century ago, they became a workwear staple for blue-collar men. In the 1950s, the tee was popularized in Hollywood by James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause" and Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Wild One." In the decades to follow, tees grew more popular for both men and women. Now they are worn everywhere. For instance, designer Michael Kors almost always wears a black T-shirt and looking through fashion magazines celebrities and fashionista's are using them as underpinnings to fabulous outfits. 

At Lavender Hill Clothing we pride ourselves in creating a flattering, non see through t-shirt. Below are a couple of reasons why we believe we have created the perfect white t-shirt: 

1. Our tops have been double knitted so they are not transparent! 

2. They are all made out of a sustainable and ethically sourced fabric called cotton modal. 

3. We offer two fits, one being slightly more fitted with a curved hem so the tee can be worn tucked in or out. The second style being a slightly looser fit which is more flattering for a higher neckline. 

4. Our Tees come in a range of sleeve lengths - whether you like them short, mid, three quarter or long sleeves we have it covered. We even have a rolled sleeve to differentiate between a normal tee and an LHC! 

5. A couple of our styles are reversible so can be worn with a low scoop at the front or at the back, making it the perfect top to travel with as it is the perfect wardrobe staple. 

6. They are all made in Europe, our fabric being knitted on the continent and then they are cut and manufactured in Leicester, England. 

7. You can wash our tees upto 60 degrees but we recommend 40.. and they do not loose their shape after a few washes.. 

8. They feel amazing to wear - its hard to explain but they feel like pajamas.. Who said getting dressed in the morning had to be hard.. 

9. They are smart enough to wear under a blazer to an important meeting yet durable enough to wear to pilates or yoga.

10. Our tshirts are all under £40 making them affordable and luxurious. 

perfect tshirt - made in britain  

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