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Think Globally, Act Locally: Made in the UK

Posted on 29 February 2016

Think globally, act locally


When Lavender Hill Clothing was first founded in 2013, our main objective was to focus on excellent quality and to manufacture in the UK and not abroad has always been a priority. 
Being a Europe-based brand, we pride ourselves in creating locally made products for our customers. Not only are we able to bring together a fabric factory in Austria which knits specifically for us, a family run factory in Leicester, and a fully integrated fine wollens factory in Scotland. All of the factories we work with have decades of tradition and expertise in the textile industry which allows us to manufacture items to the highest quality, whilst only using natural fibres.  
The factories we work with have an incentive in helping the local community develop skills and are always looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact (please see below for some interesting facts about our factories).
The simple yet elegant style of our clothes, along with its long lasting quality, allows all of our customers to have the basis to a stylish wardrobe. Our clothes are timeless and trans-seasonal which makes it easier to choose on an outfit. As we want to make you, our customer, feel at ease whilst wearing our clothes and allow your creativity to flow when mix & matching different items to form an outfit.
Our values are found in creating a simplistic and local brand which is beneficial to everyone in the process. We are able to work with fantastic producers and factories which is one of our best assets at Lavender Hill.
Interesting facts about our products: 
  • Beech forests thrive in Northern and Central Europe, are a natural and sustainable source as they do not require artificial irrigation or planting. 
  • Full integration at the factory in Austria means that the modal is produced in a CO2 neutral environment, making the fibre both ecologically and environmentally friendly.
  • In our Knitting factory there is a power tower that helps reduce the consumption of energy and water generated. 
  • In Leicester, the factory works with the local job centre and has created an academy to train the unemployed in the local community. 

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