How to keep warm in winter: dress in layers

Isobel Ridley

Posted on January 06 2019

How to keep warm this winter: Dress in Layers

Christmas now feels like a long way away and with the sudden change in weather we have turned our attention to keeping warm and the art of layering. Layering your clothes to keep warm doesn’t need to involve buying a new winter wardrobe as summer staples can instantly become cold-weather appropriate when you put them together properly.
Firstly, here are some key facts about keeping warm this winter by dressing correctly: 
  • Several thin layers work better than one thick layer of clothing.

  • Clothes made from Natural fibres such as wool or modal work best.

  • Dress from the inside out.. think thermal underwear, leggings, trousers, merino wools socks for the bottom half. For the top, think bra, vest, polo neck, wool jumper and then a lightweight down gilet/jacket. If you’re going outside make sure you wear a wind proof coat with gloves a hat and a scarf. 

But lets not forget, you can remain stylish while layering this winter and you don’t need to look like the Michelin man! Here are a couple of layering rules:

 A black roll-neck will work under almost anything.

Winter layering. How to keep warm but stay fashionable


Pop a turtleneck and a pair of our leggings under your favourite mid-to-floor-length dress to feel warm and make an outfit you’re sick of by winter feel totally new again.


How to keep warm in the winter while wearing a dress


Wear merino or cashmere socks to keep your feet warm instead of cotton.


Winter socks to keep your feet warm
Keep a scarf in your bag to wrap around you for an extra layer – they are also great for adding a pop of colour to your outfit.
Always wear a close fitting vest under a shirt or jumper. If you get too warm you can easily remove it and put it in your bag.
Base layers - undergarments. Layering clothes in the winter


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