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Meghans Mirror Brand Highlight

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Posted on November 06 2018


Lavender Hill Clothing feature in Meghans Mirror


Meghans Mirror recently wrote a rather wonderful brand highlight on us. See below for the full article or click the image above to be taken to the article on their page. 


It’s a widely accepted fact that speaking sartorially through fashion is just one of the many ways that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, chooses to highlight brands, causes and inspirations that she is drawn to. One can look to Hiut Denim, the sustainable denim company she highlighted in Wales or to the variety of Canadian designers that she chooses to wear to shine a spotlight on Canadian fashion. During the Royal Visit of Ireland, we were treated to an introduction to another brand with a great story behind it that Meghan chose to share with the world – Lavender Hill Clothing.

Meghan chose British luxury brand Lavender Hill’s ‘Ultimate T-Shirt’ to go under her Givenchy suit as she visited with children taking part in free coding workshop and to Croke Stadium. We were excited to learn of a new brand added to Meghan’s repertoire, and even more so when we learned of the ethos about the company… Which clearly aligns with Meghan’s. The brand, launched in 2013 by then 24 year old (!) Isobel Ridley, has the aim of:

“…Creating simple, luxurious, attractive and affordable pieces which women will want to wear everyday. By using the best quality fabric and flattering feminine silhouettes, they produce items that are timeless and trans-seasonal.”

It sounds exactly like how we have described many of Meghan’s wardrobe pieces in the past, and definitely something that a modern woman (especially those without Duchess budgets!) can turn to – a well-made piece which can be part of their wardrobes for seasons and years to come. The ‘Ultimate T-Shirt’ is a classic staple in the Lavender Hill repertoire, but it’s not the only piece that we could see Meghan wearing.


luxury 3/4 sleeve scoop - meghan markle

The ‘Ultimate Shirt’, via Lavender Hill Clothing

We all know that Meghan loves a good Breton t-shirt (we have a whole article about her love of French style) and Lavender Hill‘s got a great selection. Their founder, Isobel, was seen in one that looks like a very good MirrorMeg for the any of Meghan’s various striped shirts. Lavender Hill carefully sources everything about their brand from the raw materials to completing all the manufacturing themselves, and they monitor their supply chain closely for quality control, which is paramount to their business ideology. In a world where transparency is not always easy, it’s a great philosophy to hold.


Isobel Ridley - Lavender Hill Clothing

Isobel Ridley, via Lavender Hill


We also can’t help but ooooh and aaaah over the brand’s luxurious cashmere selections. We are slightly obsessed with the cashmere set from the brand – would it not be the coziest thing to hygge in all winter? And their water bottles to ward off chills? Also cashmere.


Scottish cashmere - meghan markle style

via Lavender Hill Clothing


We also really like that Lavender Hill’s t-shirts are all able to be customized. Prefer a v-neck to a scoop, or a long sleeve to a short? They can make all that happen. Oh, and yes, they really love lavender. They actually have beauty products dedicated to the scent and talk about how it plays a part in their brand. Plus, it makes for some stunning imagery!


English Lavender Fields


We hope to see Meghan continue to support Lavender Hill as she continues in her royal career- given her love of wearing suiting, she’s going to need more great t-shirts to go underneath them!

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