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My Fashion Magazine: Becoming responsible

Posted on 09 May 2017

MY FASHION MAGAZINE recently featured our founder Isobel Ridley in their latest article about becoming responsible. 
Responsibility. This is something person of today often forget. We all live in a consumer world when having the latest piece that comes to the shop is a must and person who is not following the latest consumer trends is often seen as different. Strange perhaps. Even bohemian.  Is it really so though? When have we become so ignorant to the world surrounding us that we forgot there is a world outside the shopping mecca, that final product is not what you seen in the store but that the final products represents a whole chain. From where the ingredient or material was created to who made the clothes and in what conditions. Responsibility once again is often forgotten. But not for everyone as there are more and more people who are aware that what they earn is not the most important. It is as important to know how the worker was treated, how much environmental damage was made for one product and perhaps the most importantly how this affects you – the last one in the chain – the consumer.
Isobel Ridley from Lavender Hill Clothing ( on the other hand stays at home and offers only the best British Luxury and Brilliant Simplicity, as she loves to describe her brand. The brand was launched with the aim of creating simple, luxurious, attractive and affordable pieces for every day. “The inspiration behind the Lavender Hill Clothing is to produce good quality basic clothing while showing transparency on where and how our clothes are made. Sustainability is important to us as we live in a beautiful world and we need to keep it that way. It is vital that we look after it as if we do not then the human race will become extinct.”  
No matter where in the world you are the principle stays the same. Take care of what is surrounding you as it will be greatly appreciated. Isobel continues: “Everyone can contribute to sustainability in different ways, whether it is recycling a plastic bottle or helping to fund a sustainable development project. But the easiest thing we can all do is to stop and think about our actions, it could be as simple as bringing in your own cutlery to use at lunch rather than using the plastic set offered in the canteen.”


Article by Beatrice Adams

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