Our Top of The Range Cashmere Gift Sets

Isobel Ridley

Posted on September 26 2019

Discover the range of cashmere gift sets at Lavender Hill. Our collection of luxury gift sets features cashmere hot water bottles, socks, scarves, gloves and hats, knitted using the finest cashmere. Shop online today.


Benefits of our cashmere

Cashmere has become a highly sought-after fabric due to its soft and insulating material. This has made it globally renowned in the fashion industry as the go-to luxury fabric. Cashmere is extremely lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. Our cashmere ranges are highly adaptable to the temperature. They keep you warm and insulated in the winter months and also cool in the summer. This is because of our high-moisture content.

The soft and relaxed feel of our cashmere scarfs, hats and gloves eliminates any irritation that can be caused by other materials. This material is breathable and always on trend!

This, along with the low maintenance of caring for your cashmere items, makes our cashmere gift sets the ideal gift this winter.


What’s available?

Lavender Hill has a stunning selection of cashmere gift sets to take care of your gift giving duties this winter.

Blue cashmere gift set including cashmere hat, scarf, gloves and luxury gift box.

The season of gift giving is almost upon us. This means the time has begun to start thinking of the perfect gift for a loved one. What better way to show your appreciation for someone than gifting one of our luxury cashmere gift sets? Our range of gift sets features Cashmere hot water bottles, socks, gloves and hats.


Why Lavender Hill’s Cashmere?

Cashmere is a type of luxury fibre that has been used to make quality clothing for centuries. Cashmere is softer, finer and lighter than other types of wool and is a lot more insulating.

Lavender Hill’s cashmere products are knitted in Hawick, Scotland. This small town has a long history and heritage of producing the finest cashmere since the 19th century. Lavender Hill takes pride in only offering the finest and highest quality 100% cashmere to our customers. Pink cashmere gift set including cashmere socks, cashmere hot water bottle and luxury gift box.

Our offering includes the luxury cashmere scarf, hat and gloves set. Available in light blue or light pink, this gift set includes 100% cashmere and a super soft scarf, hat and gloves. This go-to winter accessory comes in a luxury gift box, saving you the effort of packing it.

Why not get your hands on the Lavender Hill cashmere hot water bottle & socks gift set? These luxurious bedtime accessories are available in the following colours: hot or light pink, light blue or natural. This gift set includes a hot water bottle and also comes in a Lavender Hill gift box, ready to go straight under the Christmas tree. These gifts can also be used as secret Santa gifts to help really surprise someone you care for.

Our range of gift sets not only feature cashmere items, but we also have a sumptuous English Lavender soap gift sets. This contains 3 luxuriously scented 100g bars of vegetable soap.

Why not buy a gift card, if you are not sure which Lavender Hill product to purchase as a gift. This will help you show your affection in giving them the opportunity to choose a product they love.

Lavender Hill are dedicated to producing ethical and sustainable clothing. With the factories and fabrics we use, we ensure we have positive environmental practices while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

We're happy to provide more information on our cashmere range and all our other ranges. Simply contact Lavender Hill Clothing today.

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