Sustainable living giveaway interview blog

Despite all of the challenges the last few months have brought, one thing has remained in the forefront for many of us: the need to look after the planet through our actions as much as we can. That’s why we’ve collaborated with three brilliant brands to create a sustainable living giveaway, the ideal starter kit for anyone interested in living a more sustainable life.

At Lavender Hill we live and breathe sustainable living; from the way we produce our clothes to challenging the meaning of ‘fashion’ and the very fibres we choose for our clothing, every step we take as a business has the health of our planet in mind with the aim to encourage positive change in the world.

We have had the pleasure of working with three like-minded brands for our sustainable living giveaway who are all inspiring pioneers in the world of sustainability and eco living. Explore our interviews with them below and discover how to enter our giveaway.

We spoke to Turtle Bags’ founder Beth about her fair trade business that offers a stylish alternative to plastic bags.

Tell us about your brand and what inspired you to launch it.

I am an ecologist and 18 years ago, when the plastic bags were still spilling off our supermarket tills, I was aware that plastic was entering the food chain in our seas. Even back then the scientists knew that plastic was being found in everything from large mammals to tiny invertebrates in our oceans, but the story was invisible. I wanted Turtle Bags to be a way of raising awareness of this invisible problem. So I set about sourcing sustainable and ethical alternatives which the company could offer to the plastic bag.

What challenges have you faced getting your message out there?

In the early days it was tricky to talk about and get any traction on the idea that animals were eating plastic bags in our seas, but undoubtedly the issue has resonance now and these last few years has seen an explosion in interest in trying to undo the damage by the plastic to our seas. Ethical sourcing has been challenging too, but rewarding: I have been a board member of the British Association of Fair Trade which has helped me to fathom the complexities of ethical sourcing. I have worked with our Women's Empowerment Programme in Bangladesh that’s attached to a turtle project in Sri Lanka, and have met the organic farmers in rural India who grow our organic cotton.

Why is it important for us to consider sustainability when making purchases?

Most of what we buy now comes from distant shores, and by making the wrong choices when we shop we can inadvertently cause environmental damage. Fast fashion for instance is at the cost of someone, somewhere paying the price. The flip side of this is that we have a great opportunity to make a positive difference to the world every day.

We chatted to Katie, director of Bee Green Wraps, about how they are revolutionising the need for cling film

Tell us about your brand.

Bee Green Wraps are the organic, compostable alternative to cling film. Made from thick, organic cotton in a range of limited edition designs they are easy to wash and keep clean, long lasting, water resistant and so easy to use. They look beautiful but are also kind to the planet and good for you; they can be used over and over again and each wrap lasts for around a year.

What inspired you to launch it?

Microplastics, which are leached from cling film and other plastic wraps, cause significant damage to marine life. We wanted to make a small contribution to reducing the amount of microplastics going into the aquatic environment.

What challenges have you faced getting your message out there?

I think that the biggest challenge we have faced is explaining what makes our wraps different to others that are widely available. Our wraps are made from a very thick cotton with a special combination of organic oils, which ensures the wraps do not end up with bobbles of beeswax all over them - and eliminate the need for cling film, too.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Be kind to yourself - you don’t have to change everything. Small changes by many have a significant impact as we have seen from the reduction in use of plastic bags in supermarkets. If you can, swap your disposable coffee cup for a refillable one, take a reusable water bottle with you when you go out and don’t forget to take your shopping bags out with you!

Doisy & Dam

We got the scoop from B Corp-certified chocolate brand Doisy & Dam’s marketing manager Alexa

Tell us about your brand.

Chocolate makes everything better. So we decided to make everything about chocolate, better: better ingredients, better ethics and better chocolate. We make it with none of the bad stuff, so all of our products are palm oil free, made from natural ingredients, contain ethically sourced cocoa and we’re also Vegan Society certified.

What inspired you to launch it?

We decided to start Doisy & Dam after quitting our jobs to start a business making indulgent foods that are better. It seemed like there were two extremes: super healthy and tasteless or extravagantly indulgent, made from more numbers than ingredients. There was nothing in the market for a more premium, clean labelled chocolate that encapsulated all the fun and indulgence of all the chocolates we know and love. So we wanted to make it happen.

What does being a B Corp mean for your brand?

Being a B Corporation is about businesses coming together to make a promise to use their business as a force for good; to leave behind more than they take. As a B Corp we do business with a conscience and that means making products that have minimum impact on the environment, from the people all the way through the supply chain to our customers.

How to enter

Our sustainable living giveaway is easy to enter - just follow these simple steps:

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4) You have from Thursday 18th to Tuesday 23rd June to enter. We’ll then select a winner and send them their fabulous sustainable living goodies

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