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The Detox Kitchen Pop Up

Posted on 17 October 2016

Come and join us at our Popup store at the Detox Kitchen Studio in Fitzrovia, London.
The detox Kitchen pop up - lavender hill clothing
10 Mortimer Street, London
From 10am to 5pm
Friday 21st of October
Why the Detox Kitchen?
At the Detox Kitchen there is another way of life, in other words, of what we are putting into our bodies everyday. With increased pollution, frenetic lifestyles and diets high in processed foods, it is really important paying attention on what we eat. For this reason, the Detox Kitchen removes foods that make us feel tired and bloated, and replaces them with a healthy balanced diet rich in plant based foods and lean protein. At the Detox Kitchen you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner at anytime and while you are asleep they deliver to your house.
Do you want to stay healthy?
Great at the Detox Kitchen Studio you can find and join the fitness studio. They provide a range of yoga, pilates, barre, ballet and high intensity training classes, offering a wholly unique, healthy experience.

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