Why Scottish Cashmere is the go-to this Autumn

Isobel Ridley

Posted on August 22 2019

Ladies blue cashmere jumper

Whether we like it or not, it won’t be long until summer is well and truly behind us and the autumn and winter months are here.

It’s always a shame to say goodbye to the sunshine and longer days, but the year’s autumnal months can be just as beautiful and pleasant. Changing scenery and a chance to embrace the great outdoors are ample reasons to love autumn.

Those darker nights are also great for cuddling up in something warm and comfy. This is where Lavender Hill’s range of high-quality cashmere clothing can prove a great buy.

We’ve put together a beautiful collection of cashmere clothing that make for great presents, or for something to treat yourself to this autumn. Let us talk you through what’s available.

Why Cashmere?

lady relaxing in a lavender cashmere cardigan from Lavender Hill

Cashmere as a fabric is known for its extraordinary levels of comfort. It doesn’t have the ‘itchiness’ sometimes associated with wool and other fabrics.

It’s also great at keeping a wearer warm without them feeling like they’re really wrapped up and bulky. It’s light yet effective, making it ideal for those autumn days where there’s a slight chill in the air.

What’s more, cashmere is a renewable and natural resource. That means you can wear cashmere in good conscience.

What type of cashmere does Lavender Hill use?

Scottish cashmere leggings by Lavender Hill

Our cashmere products are knitted in Hawick, Scotland. This town on the River Teviot is renowned for its textile and fabric heritage, and is truly a mecca for the cashmere industry. We take pride in sourcing our cashmere from such historic and experienced sources.

Lavender Hill’s cashmere products are all made of 100% cashmere, with seamless knitwear helping to ensure the very best quality is delivered to each of our customers.

What’s available?

We’ve put together a stunning set of cashmere products to help you enjoy this autumn in supreme comfort.

Our selection includes stylish cashmere jumpers in a variety of shades and our cashmere socks really are the epitome of comfort and warmth for your autumn wardrobe.

camel coloured cashmere button gloves from Lavender Hill

You can also treat yourself or a loved one to a cashmere hot water bottle, as well as cashmere hats, scarves and gloves that will keep you warm and cosy while out and about this autumn.

We also have gift sets of our cashmere items. You can pick up hot water bottles and socks in a range of colours, making the ideal autumn gift for a loved on. We also have hat, scarf, and glove gift sets for you to buy.

Be sure to take a look through our sizing chart and garment care pages to help you keep your cashmere clothes looking and feeling their best for longer.

And familiarise yourself with our shipping and delivery offering too. And if you have any questions about our cashmere range or anything else, simply contact Lavender Hill.

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