Lavender (essential oil) Soy Wax Votive Candle


Our 170ml glass soy wax candle has a burn time of approximately 35 hours, so you can enjoy this long-lasting English lavender fragrance. The candle comes in a beautifully designed box and the wax burns clean and evenly throughout.

Fresh eucalyptus is the top note of this fragrance encased with dry hay, rosemary and cedarwood. A warm base of English lavender, vanilla and a touch of mint gives this scent a soft and calming aroma. Burn this just before going to bed to help you wind down before going to sleep.

Made with pure soy wax and hand poured. This product is vegan friendly, not tested on animals and free from parabens, SLS and SLES. Packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. Not suitable for Children.


35 Hour Burn Time

Hand Poured

Made In England


  • What makes our candles different?

Soy wax burns very slowly, our votive candles burn for over 50 hours each, giving a beautiful, but not overwhelming, aroma to your room.

Soy wax candles do not “soot”, so no black soot around the votive or spoiling any décor.

They are also suitable for asthma sufferers as they do not emit dangerous chemicals as the cheaper paraffin ones.

A thicker wick to ensure all the candle burns, if a small wick is used the candle will only burn in the middle which results in a lot of wax being wasted on the side of the votive.

Discover the health benefits of Lavender here.

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