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Scarf Factory

The Scarf Manufacturer:

Location: Como, Italy

Established: 1931

About the factory: Moments away from the shores of Lake Como, producing for the leading luxury brands of the world. The family run factory specialises in natural fibres and continually invests in the latest technology combining both modern and traditional techniques to make our beautiful scarves. 

About the construction process: The yarns are dyed to the correct colour and then woven into place ensuring the colour combination is correct. The edges are then hand rolled and the ends of the scarves are frayed. Our woven and care label is then neatly sewn into place. 

An overview of the process: 

  • Weaving machine - LHC

    Thousands of yarns are carefully threaded into the weaving machine

  • Weaving machine - Lavender Hill Clothing

    If one thread snaps the whole machine will stop

  • Quality control checks

    Once woven the fabric is quality control checked by hand 

  • To digitally print onto the scarves a specialist machine is used 

  • Each printing machine is different and are controlled through a specialist CAD program

  • The colour kitchen mixes the colour that is going to be printed onto the scarves

  • Screen Printing - Lavender Hill Clothing

    In order to screen print every design has a screen developed

  • Each screen printing table is electronically run

  • The dye is placed on the screens carefully before the machines wipe the dye over the fabric

  • Lavender Hill Clothing

    The fabric is checked for any discrepancies before it is dyed.

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