Brands We Love

We’re always on the lookout for brands who are on a mission to do good, and we’d love to share some of our favourites with you! These are all companies who offer amazing products and services, whilst striving for a brighter future for everyone.

Dry Cleaning, Alterations and Repairs

Dry cleaning technology is historically toxic-chemical-intensive, but in a culture of throwaway fashion it’s more important than ever to care for and extend the lifespan of our favourite pieces. These companies are making that as easy as possible.


The Deliveroo of sustainable fashion, Sojo is an app designed to make clothing alterations easy. In a world where 13 million items of clothing per week end up in landfill, Sojo’s mission is to solve fashion’s waste problem. Mending and altering the garments you love rather than replacing them is an easy way of reducing your fashion footprint, and Sojo make it even easier by collecting your items, and delivering them back to you when they’re finished.

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Blanc Cleaning


Another company focussed around the importance of garment care, Blanc are an eco-friendly dry cleaning service. Founder Ludovic Blanc started his business in 2011, with preserving the environment and its inhabitants in mind. Everything from their packaging to their energy supplier is thought out to create the most sustainable dry cleaning experience possible, and their home delivery service makes it super easy, too.

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Repurposing Clothes

Rehoming your unwanted clothes is just one way of reducing the environmental impact of your wardrobe. With fast fashion companies releasing thousands of new lines per week, it’s vital that we extend the lives or our clothes as long as possible to avoid them ending up in already oversaturated landfills.

Thrift+ re-purposing clothes for charity


Another sustainable fashion pioneer, Thrift+ are normalising secondhand fashion. Their starting goal was to bring the charity shopping space online and make the industry more circular, which they’re doing pretty well at! Repurposing and rehoming clothes is integral given the fashion industry’s impact on the planet, with just 1% of clothes manufactured actually being recycled into new garments.

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Natural Household Products

The amount of toxic ingredients in many everyday household products such as cleaners and laundry detergents is dangerous not only to the environment, but to all us in our homes too. These companies are on a mission to create non-toxic alternatives.

Kinn Living natural cleaning products

Kinn Living

Kinn was an idea that founder Marie had when she had her daughter, Sophie, and realised how many parabens and synthetic fragrances went into baby products. With the help of her uncle, Marcel, she started creating her own non-toxic alternatives. The company strive to create natural products with full transparency, and now stock clothes washing products, household cleaners, washing up liquids and much more.

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Purdy & Figg Cleaning products

Purdy & Figg

Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg set up their business with a view reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and plastic waste in our households. They started making natural cleaning products in Purdy’s garage, and now stock a range of non-toxic cleaning and hygiene products - from hand sanitisers to pillow sprays.

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Reusable Self Care Products

We all like to treat ourselves from time to time, but there’s no need to feel guilty about the amount of plastic involved in our self-care routines. With more and more eco-friendly options being released, from reusable make up pads to zero-waste haircare kits, you can enjoy your self care Sunday in peace.

Tabitha Eve sustainable products

Tabitha Eve

Tabitha Eve are experts in all things reusable. From dishcloths to make up pads, as well as gifts and baby products, they craft quality items from ethical sources. The majority of Tabitha Eve’s products are handmade in their Pontypridd studio, they only use plastic free packaging, and are ultimately aiming to make reusing the norm and promote a zero-waste lifestyle.

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Sustainable period products


DAME began in 2015 under the name ‘Sanitary Owl’, but founders Celia and Alec soon realised how much plastic was involved in the period product industry; and decided to make a change. With one single-use period pad being equivalent to four plastic bags, DAME now create reusable period products and offer a subscription service, too. They’re certified by The Vegan Society (period products often aren’t due to harsh bleaches and fragrances in the products being tested on animals), and are on a mission to make period products accessible to all. They’re also launching a Schools Period Pack to help improve education around periods, and a First Period Box for parents.

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Your Sustainable Guide x Lavender Hill Clothing

Your Sustainable Guide

A one-stop reference point for an eco-conscious, ethical, and sustainable lifestyle. They are passionate about conserving the environment and ‘making a difference’ for building a sustainable world by following ethical practices.