Behind the seams: our sustainable fabric

At Lavender Hill Clothing, we create beautiful basics for every woman’s wardrobe. And while we are a clothing brand that strives to support women of all shapes and sizes, there’s a huge sustainable and ethical background to everything that we do, including the sustainable fabric we use.

With a range of shapes, lengths, fits and colours, our clothes are meant to make women feel good without costing the health of the planet. That’s why traceability is at the core of our philosophy - from fibre to fabric, we take the greatest care in sourcing sustainable fabric and manufacturing it, too, with all of our garments made in carbon neutral environments.

Modal Fabric

The most commonly used sustainable fabric in our clothing is Modal, a fibre sourced from the pulp of beech trees. We find Modal to be extremely versatile for making our clothing - from our leggings to our essential tees - while being strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart after a few washes.

And because Modal is a natural and sustainable resource, it doesn’t require artificial irrigation or planting, avoiding nasty chemicals that can irritate the skin which can be commonly found in mass-produced materials. Read about why looking for sustainable fabric is important in our sustainable shopping know-hows blog.

Beech trees that make modal fabric
Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton

Cotton is often the top choice for clothing producers globally, and due to mass production has gotten a bad name for itself. But our organic cotton shouldn’t be tarnished with the same brush. Organic production means that, like Modal, it hasn’t been made with artificial irrigation or pesticides, so you can be sure that the fibres touching your skin aren’t harmful. And when it comes to dying our cotton to produce the beautiful colours in our clothes, you can rest easy knowing our dyes are non-toxic.

White Linen fabric

We love linen. Not only does it keep us cosy and cool, but it’s one of the best sustainable fabrics out there. It has a low environmental impact due to very little water being needed in the production process and because it is made from the stalks of flax plants, with almost all of the flax plant being used - a bonus for avoiding wastage. And due to its natural origins, this sustainable fabric is also great for sensitive skin and is strong and long-lasting while feeling beautifully luxurious. Discover more in our blog on linen.

Cashmere fabric

Our most indulgent fabric because of its silky soft feeling against the skin, our cashmere is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable natural fibre. A little warmer and cosier than our linen fabric, making it ideal for the cooler months, we source our cashmere from nomadic communities in Mongolia before it is spun in our Scottish factory to produce our much-loved cashmere range.

And unlike low cost cashmere which is often produced with bleaches in high volume factories, we can trace the story of ours from goat to garment and are proud that every piece passes through several pairs of hands before it’s ready to send to our customers. That’s the true meaning of a sustainable fabric: one that can be traced, that doesn’t cost our earth its health and that is healthy for the customer to wear.

Goats producing cashmere fabric

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