Lavender Hill's Conscious Christmas Tips

In the lead up to Christmas, we want to ensure yours is as ethical as possible. From gift wrap to food waste, these are some easy changes you can make for a more conscious Christmas.

Conscious Christmas Tip #1 - Recyclable wrapping

A lot of wrapping paper is plastic based or contains materials that cannot be recycled, so seek out recyclable gift wrap. As a general rule, if you can scrunch up the paper and it stays scrunched, it can usually be recycled. 

Lavender Hill Clothing Christmas Paper Tags Recycling

Conscious Christmas Tip #2 - Keep it simple

Similarly to wrapping paper, many tags and wrapping accessories contain glitter, foil and other non-recyclable materials. Stick to paper tags and always check the label when buying to see whether they can be recycled. 

Lavender Hill Clothing Christmas Tip Wrapping String

Christmas Tip #3 - Skip the Sellotape

If you’ve taken our previous tips into account and invested in some recyclable gift wrap and tags for your loved ones’ gifts this year, don’t forget to remove the sellotape before recycling it! Better still, get yourself some recyclable tape or avoid using it altogether by fastening gifts with ribbon or using reusable gift boxes. 

Lavender Hill Clothing Christmas Tips Reuse Ribbon

Conscious Christmas Tip #4 - Reuse your ribbon

Love making your presents look pretty? Buying rolls of ribbon and string each year to decorate your gifts, only for it to be tossed in the bin on Boxing Day, is a huge waste. Keep hold of ribbons and other gift wrap decorations, pop them somewhere safe and use them for years to come. 

Lavender Hill Clothing Christmas Tip Shop Small

Conscious Christmas Tip #5 - Shop small

Fun fact: small business owners do a little dance every time you make an order. Shopping small for Christmas means your friends and family are getting something a little more unique and personal (and often handmade or one-of-a-kind). It’s an added bonus that smaller companies, by nature, do less harm to the planet. If you don’t know where to start - try Etsy.

Lavender Hill Clothing Christmas Tip Wish List

Conscious Christmas Tip #6 - Give up guessing

Use these small paragraph blocks to feature various aspects about a product. You can add up to three of these blocks and each can have an image associated with them.

Conscious Christmas Tip #7 - Scrupulous shopping

Get your Christmas veg loose to avoid over-buying, be as creative as possible with leftovers (there are hundreds of possible post-Christmas sandwich combinations), and compost anything else. Also, avoid unnecessary deals when buying your Christmas supplies - if there’s a two-for-one deal on Celebrations, donate one to the food bank! 

Lavender Hill Clothing Christmas Tips Cosmetics

Conscious Christmas Tip #8 - Conscious cosmetics

Make up, skincare and perfume make great gifts, but how do you know what you’re really buying? If you’re purchasing cosmetics this Christmas, look for the Leaping Bunny certification to ensure they’re cruelty-free. Also, look out for organic and Fairtrade products to protect biodiversity and ensure the fair payment of everyone in the supply chain.