How To Style: The Sleeveless Striped Roll Neck

When it comes to styling a sleeveless striped roll neck, there are endless possibilities to create versatile and chic looks. One option is to pair it with high-waisted trousers and a blazer for a polished and professional ensemble perfect for the office. For a more casual vibe, layering the top under a denim jacket with some distressed jeans can achieve a trendy and relaxed look ideal for weekend outings. Lastly, for a sophisticated evening look, tucking the sleeveless roll neck into a pleated midi skirt and adding some statement jewelry can elevate the outfit for a night out on the town. With these three styling options, you can effortlessly rock your sleeveless striped roll neck in various settings with confidence and flair.

How to style a sleeveless roll neck top

Autumn Styling by Veronica Genest

The effortlessly stylish influencer Veronica Genest shows us how to style our best selling sleeveless ribbed roll neck top.