What's All the Fuss About Merino Wool?

Benefits of Merino Wool

Ever wondered about the benefits of Merino wool?

If yes, your pressing fabric-related questions are about to be answered. If no, read on anyway - it’s super interesting!

Merino sheep originated from Spain, but nowadays are mainly found in Australia and New Zealand. Their incredibly fine wool has a world of great qualities, including being:


Merino wool is incredibly soft thanks to the fineness of its fibres - meaning it doesn’t stand up against the skin and consequently isn’t itchy or uncomfortable like some other wools.

Natural and Biodegradable

Merino wool is a completely natural and renewable fibre that comes from Merino sheep (who, once shorn, can grow more and more), so will take about a year to biodegrade. This also means the fabric doesn’t release microplastics when washed!

Benefits of Merino Wool

Heat regulating

The fabric is great at retaining heat and keeping you warm when the weather is cold, but also at absorbing then evaporating moisture when its hot, making it very weather-versatile.

Odor resistant

It’s an antibacterial fabric, which means it takes a while to get smelly! This means less washing, which is always a good thing.


(Usually) Machine washable

Merino wool is often machine washable, and along with its quick-drying properties, this makes it super easy to care for. But remember to always check the label for care instructions!