Wellness Tips

Here are some very simple wellness tips to share to help you start off the year feeling good…

Wellness Tip - drink lots of water

1. Start each day with a glass of water

This might be an obvious one, but properly hydrating yourself each morning can bring a realm of rewards - including better digestion, energy levels and skin health. Downloading a hydration app that reminds you to drink every hour or so is a great way of factoring this one in.

2. Get outside

We're all about nature here at Lavender Hill! Try to get at least 15-30 minutes of sunlight exposure each day for a boost of Vitamin D - it’s one of the most important nutrients we can get. According to Healthline, lack of sunlight exposure lowers serotonin levels which are directly linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) - so take your lunchtime sandwich to go if you can!

Wellness tip - take those stairs

3. Take those stairs

If, like many people, you struggle to fit everyday movement into a busy lifestyle, consider taking the stairs instead of the lift next time the opportunity presents itself. According to Harvard Health, taking an extra 4,000 steps a day can lower your risk of heart disease, and the stairs are a quick way of helping you reach that goal.

4. Have a wiggle

Similarly to tip number 3, this one is about keeping your body moving. Many of us spend a good part of the day sedentary, be it for work or otherwise. There’s research into how sitting down for long periods of time can negatively affect our health, and getting up and moving around a little every 30 minutes or so can help you feel a little less drained at the end of the day.

Wellness Tips - do something for your self

5. Do something you’ve been putting off

The easiest way to get that feeling of accomplishment? Make that dentist appointment you’ve been avoiding for months. Not only will this particular example improve your oral health, but your mental health too! Writing a to-do list can be beneficial for a number of reasons, not least making you feel more productive.

6. Do something for yourself

Whether it’s putting some time into a hobby, cooking yourself your favourite meal or just taking a walk with a podcast, do things that make you feel good (regularly!) Taking the time to learn a new skill, for example, leaves less room in your mind for worries and anxious thoughts.