Our Jersey Activewear: Why it’s the Best Choice

Our Jersey Activewear: Why it’s the Best Choice

Our activewear boasts a number of great properties, including being sustainably made from natural fibres, super easy to care for, and as cooling and comfortable as they come. If you need more persuasion as to why jersey activewear is the best choice, read on...

What is jersey?

Jersey refers to a type of fabric, which can be constructed of a number of materials - natural or synthetic. Our jersey activewear, including our Flared Pilates TrousersYoga Trousers and Patterned Tank Top, are constructed of either TENCEL Lyocell TM or TENCEL Modal TM, some of which also contain a small percentage of elastane for stretch and comfort.

patterned scoop neck tank top for activewear

Why choose jersey for activewear?

The fabrics are all biodegradable, compostable and derived from natural sources. Both lyocell and modal are super breathable fabrics, with fibres structured in a way that regulates absorption and moisture release. This means the fabric is both breathable and supportive of the body’s natural temperature - making it ideal for breaking a sweat in. Lyocell is also an anti-bacterial fabric, with the lack of moisture being absorbed into the fibres making it harder for bacteria to grow.

Are there health benefits to choosing jersey activewear?

As well as being sustainable, breathable and temperature regulating - it helps that our jersey activewear is super-soft and sensitive-skin-friendly. Working up a sweat in synthetic fabrics can be uncomfortable and cause skin irritation; whereas the natural fibres of our jersey fabrics ensure a soft touch, no nasty friction, and no plastic fibres or dyes seeping into open pores.

soft jersey tapered yoga trousers

Will I look good in jersey activewear?

Comfort breeds confidence, and the irresistibly soft touch and luxurious feel of our jersey activewear will have you feeling like the belle of the ball (or yoga studio!) On top of all the great environmental and health benefits of our sustainable jersey fabrics, they also drape beautifully on the body due to the smooth fibres, meaning you can look and feel great whilst going about your daily exercise.
Find out for yourself - browse our range of Jersey Activewear here.