Why We Love Cashmere

Isobel Ridley

Posted on January 01 2021

It’s comfortable 

Cashmere as a fabric is known for its extraordinary levels of comfort, as it doesn’t have the itchiness sometimes associated with wool and similar fabrics. 

It’s light 

It’s great at keeping you warm, without feeling bulky. Cashmere is light yet effective,  making it ideal for those autumn days where there’s a slight chill in the air.

What type of cashmere does Lavender Hill use? 

Our cashmere products are knitted in Hawick, Scotland. This town on the River Teviot is renowned for its textile and fabric heritage, and is truly a mecca for the cashmere industry.  We take pride in sourcing our cashmere from such historic and experienced sources. 

Lavender Hill’s cashmere products are all made of 100% cashmere, with seamless knitwear helping to ensure the very best quality is delivered to each of our customers.

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