Fashion Revolution week - who made our clothes?

Fashion Revolution Week has come around once again and we’re prouder than ever to be a part of this exciting movement for change. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Fashion Revolution, it is best described as a collective of people across the world in the fashion industry, including designers, business owners, policymakers, retail staff and fashion wearers. What bonds us all together is our passion for fashion valuing people, creativity, profit in equal measure and the environment. There’s a need for brands across the world to revisit their supply chain, what goes into their garments and what they can offer their employees. And at Lavender Hill Clothing, sustainable and ethical means taking great care of production and the people we work with. Read on to discover more.

A background on our brand

Put simply, at Lavender Hill Clothing we create beautiful basics for every woman’s wardrobe, offering a range of shapes, lengths, fits and colours as we know that no two women are the same. Our founder Isobel Ridley launched the brand in 2013 after being inspired to launch a brand that created sustainable and ethical clothes while using the best quality fabrics. Starting with a range of essential tees, our collection soon expanded to include loungewear, nightwear and accessories that are timeless and long-lasting.

What makes our clothes different

There is a very unique story behind our clothing that sets us apart from other sustainable brands. Aside from the majority of our items being produced in carbon neutral environments, we take care of every process - from sourcing right through to delivery - and work with factories that support their local communities. Additionally, our four core fabrics are all derived from natural sources that are renewable and kinder to our environment than conventional fabrics. They are also incredibly soft against the skin and long-lasting, something we would never compromise on for profit.

Biodegradable fabrics

All the fabrics we use in our collections are biodegradable.

Our core fabric is made from natural sources

Our core fabric modal derives from the pulp of beech trees .

Our fabric is knitted in a carbon neutral factory

Our fabric is knitted in a carbon neutral factory

85% of products are made here in the uk

85% of our products are made in the UK

The people behind our clothes

We are proud to produce over 85% of our products here in the UK, with the remainder coming from western Europe. The majority of our factory facilities are carbon neutral, and we’re proud that many of our factories offer not only brilliant environments in which to work, but they support their local communities, too. For example, our factory in Leicester has an academy that trains unemployed residents in sewing, allowing them to seek skilled work in the future. Another reason we selected our various factories is due to their hands-on approach to producing their garments, meaning that each and every item made for Lavender Hill Clothing has passed through several pairs of skilled hands before it reaches our customers.

Fashion Revolution 2020
Fashion Revolution 2020
Fashion Revolution 2020

Why sustainability and ethics are so important to us

We may be biased, but we believe we need to take great care in preserving the environment and tread as lightly as we can on this planet. This applies to our factories and the way in which we operate, with our carbon neutral environments being just one of the ways we uphold our environmental standards. We also believe that ethical clothing is the way forward: core pieces that are designed to last rather than fast pieces that fall apart after a couple of washes. All of our garments are rigorously quality tested and our customer reviews are testament to that.

How you can champion sustainability & ethics

For such an important question, the answer is surprisingly simple: seeking out brands that have sustainable and ethical credentials. Luckily, at Lavender Hill Clothing we’ve been motivated by sustainability and ethics from our very beginning, so you can be sure that you know what’s gone into your garment and who made it. Find out more about our sustainable and ethical policy or visit our new arrivals to shop our latest styles.

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