Find the perfect Mother’s Day Present this year at Lavender Hill

Annabelle Teale

Posted on March 18 2019

 Find the perfect Mother’s Day Present this year at Lavender Hill


It’s the kind of event that has a habit of sneaking up on us, but ahead of 31st March this year, there’s no reason not to get your mum something beautiful this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years. As far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, there have been celebrations around motherhood. The Greeks would have celebrations in honour of Rhea, the mother of the Gods and Goddesses, while the Romans would celebrate mother Goddess Cybele each year.

In the UK, the special day as we know it today stems from celebrations in the Christian church. This saw people return to their ‘mother church’ for special Mothering Sunday events on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Did you know that across the Atlantic, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May? There’s some Mother’s Day trivia to share with friends and family.

This is because a lady named Anna Jarvis wanted a day to celebrate mothers after the passing of her own, and she set about promoting Mother’s Day from 1908 until it was made an official holiday in the US by President Woodrow in 1914.

So when purchasing a Mother’s Day gift of your own, you’re taking part in a fine tradition that spans across different corners of the globe.

Of course, when looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, it’s natural to want to buy something oozing class and quality.

This is where Lavender Hill’s selection of high-quality, beautifully-crafted products can come in. We’ve put together this guide to the items in our range that we think could be particularly suited to being the mother’s day present you choose this year.

Mother’s Day at Lavender Hill

Today, Mother’s Day gives us the chance to shower our mums with presents and treats and show them our appreciation.

For many years now, Lavender Hill has specialised in the manufacturing and selling of simple yet luxurious clothing. We’ve worked hard to find the perfect combination of beautiful fabrics and textures, eminent style, gentle tones and affordability.

To help you find that ideal buy for Mother Day 2019, we’ve put together this guide to some of the best products in our range. When it comes to Mother’s Day shopping, we want to help you to get great gift ideas and make it a day to remember.


Find the perfect Mother’s Day Present | Luxury Loungewear


Shopping Sustainably

We find people returning to Lavender Hill to shop with us time and again is due to our commitment to sustainable clothing. We embrace sustainable values by using natural fibres across our range. Our ethical clothing range allows you to extend that feel good factor to your mum with a great Mother’s Day present.

For example, take a look through our selection of nightwear. Made using sustainable processes and fibres, our nightwear range is a great option for a Mother’s Day treat this year. You can select from nightdresses, pyjama tees and pyjama trousers, as well as lounge sets.

Comfortable leggings are available from our range, while hot water bottles and cosy socks are sure to be well received.

Some of our most popular product ranges are our women’s t-shirts. Whether you think your mum might suit a scoop neck t-shirt, a boat neck top, or a V neck number, you can find what you need here.

The Scoop neck t-shirt offers a combination of style and comfort. With a gentle neckline, this is a classic of the t-shirt ilk due to their elegant shape and our range have all been taken in at the waist to offer a flattering shape. 


Find the perfect Mother’s Day Present | Lavender Hill Clothing


Boat neck tops are a languid, sophisticated option, with plenty of colours and sizes to pick from at Lavender Hill. It’s no surprise these are one of our biggest selling items, as they are a truly flexible fashion option given they work with both formal and casual outfits equally well.

The V neck and Crew neck products in our range are also great options for your mum this Mother’s Day, while our turtle neck t-shirts offer a real touch of sophistication.

Affectionate Accessories

Perhaps you’re thinking of buying your mum a lovely clothing accessory this Mother’s Day. If so, take a look at the selection of scarves we have available at Lavender Hill. Made from exceptionally soft fabrics, our scarves are manufactured on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como and in the Highlands of Scotland. They ooze style and class, while also keeping wearers warm and snug.

It’s easy to underestimate how a good pair of socks can help you feel great all day long. We stock high-quality socks made of Merino wool, Egyptian cotton and Cashmere. These come in delightful colours too, and can be an inexpensive Mother’s Day present this year. Be sure to browse through the Lavender Hill range.

And if you’re not sure what clothing item to buy for Mother’s Day, fear not. We have alternative gifts for mums such as this delightful lavender soap gift set available. Containing three luxuriously scented bars, these can be the perfect small gift to give on 31st March.


Find the perfect Mother’s Day Present | Lavender Scented Toiletries


We also have heart-shaped soap available to buy. And our toiletries selection contains a host of great present options, including shower gels, reed diffusers and body lotions.

Whatever you buy your mum this Mothering Sunday, make sure you let them know how special they are!

If you need to get in touch with the Lavender Hill team, you can use our contact form.


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