Fabrics and Production 

At Lavender Hill Clothing we work with the best factories in the UK and Europe, taking the greatest care in sourcing and manufacturing our items. We endeavour to be open and honest with our customers always, so you know exactly where your products are coming from. By carefully sourcing raw materials and manufacturing all of our products ourselves, we are able to monitor our supply chain closely for quality control and can ensure the end products are of the highest quality for our customers. We find this is better for our planet, too.


The fabrics we use all derive from natural sources and are knitted in Europe to our specification. 

Click the images below to discover more about the different fabrics we use.

Tencel Modal

Tencel Modal - sustainable biodegradable fabric

Deriving from the pulp of beech trees, modal is incredibly soft.  Supplied to us from Lenzing

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton clothing - discover our range of quality womens organic clothing

GOT's certified 100% organic cotton, knitted for us in Leicester


Linen - natural clothing for women, discover our range of quality clothing

100% Linen knitted for us in Portugal


Scottish cashmere for women

100% Scottish Cashmere, knitted for us in Scotland

Behind the scenes at our fabric factory

Location: Austria               Established: 1907

About the Factory: A leading specialist in knitted fabrics, the factory is renowned for producing an exceptional quality of goods and for its environmental focus.

About the raw material: Using Lenzing Modal® and cotton yarns our knitter combines the two fibres to produce our super soft cotton and modal blend. More information.

About the construction process: In order to make the fabric, over 100 yarn spools are placed on the knitting machine which can take over three hours to thread. The yarns are passed through two sets of needles that loops and combines the yarns together to make the fabric. The fabric is knitted in the cylindrical method and then cut, dyed (we use only the most environmentally friendly dyes available), washed and dried before passing through the final quality control check.

Behind the scenes at our British garment factory

Location: Leicester               Established:  1977

About the Factory: A third generation family run and owned business. With over 35 years' experience manufacturing in England. They strive to bring greater manufacturing opportunities to the local communities and abide by the ETI Base Code, an internationally recognized code of labour practice.

About the construction process: The patterns for our t-shirts are hand drawn by a highly experienced and specialised pattern cutter. Once the fabric has been laid out on the cutting table, the patterns are carefully positioned and cut out by hand. The fabric pieces are then passed to the machinists who sew them together, starting with the sides together with a care label and then the sleeves. The collars are neatly pressed and sewn into the neckline of the t-shirts and the lavender trim is then stitched to the neckline with our Lavender Hill Clothing label. Finally the finished t-shirt is pressed, packed and ready to be sent out to you.

Behind the scenes at our Portuguese garment factory

Location: Porto               Established:  2000

About the Factory: A mother, daughter duo run the garment factory we use in Portugal, they take great pride in their work and employ 70 women and five men. All off-cuts from production are recycled and they regularly donate unwanted lines to the local community. 

The team behind our clothes

We work with factories that empower their local communities. For example, our factory in Leicester has an academy that trains unemployed residents in sewing, allowing them to seek skilled work in the future.

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