Behind the Scenes at our Factories: Meet the team who made your clothes

Annabelle Teale

Posted on April 11 2019

As Fashion Revolution is just around the corner, we held a couple of photoshoots at our Leicester factories to show you, our customers who made your clothes. 

At Lavender Hill Clothing we are passionated about sharing the production journey with you. 


Here are a couple of key facts you might find interesting: 

- We only use family run factories to produce our clothes. 

- All our factories comply to the ETI base code. 

- We visit our factories regularly and we hold random site checks every few months. 

- 90% of our products are made in the UK with 10% being produced in Italy. 


Who made your clothes - Lavender Hill Clothing


Behind the scenes at Lavender Hill Clothing


Would you like to know a little bit more about how we actually construct a t-shirt? 

About the construction process: The patterns for our t-shirts are hand drawn by a highly experienced and specialised pattern cutter. Once the fabric has been laid out on the cutting table, the patterns are carefully positioned and cut out by hand. The fabric pieces are then passed to the machinists who sew them together, starting with the sides together with a care label and then the sleeves. The collars are neatly pressed and sewn into the neckline of the t-shirts and the lavender trim is then stitched to the neckline with our Lavender Hill Clothing label. Finally the finished t-shirt is pressed, packed and ready to be sent out to you.


Lavender Hill Clothing Behind the Scenes - how clothes are made.


Lavender Hill Clothing Behind the Scenes - how clothes are made.

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