Will the Vegan Clothing trend last?

Annabelle Teale

Posted on April 28 2019

People from all walks of life are starting to embrace the vegan lifestyle. Living in a more animal-friendly, environmentally-conscious way is the promise of veganism, and this lifestyle stretches beyond simply the food one eats.

There’s been a significant rise in people embracing veganism in recent times. Statistics from the Vegan Society estimated there was more than 1,600,000 vegans and vegetarians in the UK in 2016, with 360,000 of these being lifestyle vegans. These numbers are likely far higher today.

The demand for vegan food alone increased by almost 1000% in 2017 according to Just Eat.

And in 2018, more vegan products were launched in the UK than in any other nation globally according to Mintel.

These statistics go some way to showing to kind of momentum around veganism in the UK at the moment.

Why veganism?

There’s a host of reasons behind why people are embracing the vegan way of living.

A major one is to do with the treatment of animals, with vegan products produced in a cruelty free without harming animals in any way.

The potential environmental benefits of veganism are huge too. It’s been said by researchers at Oxford Martin School that if the whole world went vegan, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by two-thirds and significant climate damage could be avoided.

Health and weight management are other reasons people choose to become vegan, as adopting a plant-based diet can bring about numerous health benefits.

What is lifestyle veganism?

Lifestyle veganism is going beyond simply what you eat, and embracing the vegan way of thinking across every aspect of your life.

This would extend into things like ensuring the clothes you wear for example, or the cosmetics and toiletries you use on a daily basis, are made without harming animals in any way.

What is vegan clothing?

Vegan clothing is any garment or item that has been made without involving animals in any way, shape or form.

It’s easy to forget or overlook the number of clothing items that will not adhere to a vegan lifestyle. Leather, fur, silk, cashmere and many more fabrics are all no no’s if you are looking to wear items that are animal free and truly vegan.

But these days there are plenty out there that do, making it easier than ever to embrace vegan clothing and feel comfortable in what you’re wearing in more ways than one.

Lavender Hill and Vegan Clothing

At Lavender Hill, we have long prided ourselves on producing ethical and sustainable clothing for our customers.

What’s more, we only use natural fibres for our products. Our core fabric is Modal, which is made from the pulp of beech trees.

And with more and more people choosing veganism to help support the environment, we at Lavender Hill share this ethos. Our fabric is all produced in a CO2 neutral environment, and we look to keep our plastic consumption to a minimum. We also use natural and plant based dyes, and we try to recycle 90% of our waste.

So, will the Vegan Clothing trend last?

We certainly think so. It’s clear that more and more people around the world are better informed about the potential benefits of veganism. If recent statistics are anything to go by, it seems more and more people will embrace veganism moving forward.

As a clothing company, Lavender Hill is committed to providing vegan-friendly clothes and protecting animals and helping the environment.

Be sure to browse through our selection of clothing and accessories, including t-shirts, loungewear, underwear and more. Find the perfect vegan-friendly addition to your wardrobe.

And if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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