Relaxed Fit T-shirts

We have two t-shirt shapes at Lavender Hill Clothing, the relaxed and tailored fit.

1. Relaxed Fit: The relaxed fit has a slightly straighter cut and is less close fitting. (T-shirt necklines: Crew & Turtle).

2. Tailored Fit: The tailored fit has been taken in slightly at the waist and has a rounded hem to give a more flattering and elegant shape when worn. (T-shirt necklines: Scoop, V & Boat).
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Our collection of relaxed fit sustainable t-shirts are for the days where comfort comes first. Ideal for those who like a slightly less tight-fitting look and feel, our relaxed fit range still comes in a wide range of colours, necklines and sleeve lengths to fit your needs. Take our tailored t-shirt quiz to find your ideal Lavender Hill styles!