Give Your Clothes A New Lease Of Life

With sustainabilty and circularity at the heart of our brand, we want to help make re-purposing your clothes and helping others as easy as possible. So we’ve teamed up with online shopping platform Thrift+.

Did you know that only around 1% of garments manufactured are actually recycled into new items? That’s a lot of clothes heading straight for landfill. With the sheer volume of clothing being produced, sold, and thrown out every day; Thrift+ are striving to rehome as many of these garments as possible. 

How does it work:

1. Click below and add a Thrift+ bag to your basket

Include a Thrift+ bag with my order

2. Once received, fill your bag with your unwanted clothes and register your bag using the link below, post it back free of charge to Thrift+

Register Your Bag Here

3. Thrift+ will photograph and process the items before putting them live on their website and app

4. When one of your items sells, you will earn credits to spend, donate, or redeem

6. As a thank you for participating, Thrift+ will email you a 15% off code to apply to your next Lavender Hill order.

Thrift+ supports over 160,000 charities in the UK

British Heart Foundation

Cancer Research



But not sure who they are, not to worry, scroll down to find out more.

Who are Thrift+?

Thrift+ was founded on the belief that charity shoppers deserve the same quality shopping experience as regular shoppers. In fact, they deserve better! Joe Metcalfe set Thrift+ up with the mission of bringing charity shops online. Since then, he has been working to create a service that encourages high quality donations by offering convenience & rewarding generosity.

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Some interesting facts about Thrift+

Thrift+ gives the 160,000 charities in the UK the ability to raise valuable funds from their supporters' best unwanted clothes.

1 x Thrift Bag = £20 donation. Thrift+ aim to generate at least £65 of sales from each Thrift+ bag received.

Thrift+ has raised over £1 million pounds to date for charities across the UK.