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The Knitting Factory

(1) The Fabric Factory:

Our fabric is made in Austria and is knitted specifically for us.

Location: Austria                Established: 1907

About the Factory: A leading specialist in knitted fabrics, the factory is renowned for producing an exceptional quality of goods and for its environmental focus.

About the raw material: Using Lenzing Modal® and cotton yarns our knitter combines the two fibres to produce our super soft cotton and modal blend. More information...

About the construction process: In order to make the fabric, over 100 yarn spools are placed on the knitting machine which can take over three hours to thread. The yarns are passed through two sets of needles that loops and combines the yarns together to make the fabric. The fabric is knitted in the cylindrical method and then cut, dyed (we use only the most environmentally friendly dyes available), washed and dried before passing through the final quality control check. 

An overview of the process:

  • Knitting Machine - Lavender Hill Clothing

    Over 100 yarn spools are placed around the knitting machine and each individual thread is carefully passed into the machine

  • Knitting Machine

    The threads entering the knitting machine

  • The needles looping the Cotton and Lenzing Modal® yarns together to create our interlocked fabric

  • Dying Room

    Once the fabric has been knitted, it is taken to the dying room


  • The fabric is then dried and quality control checked.

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